Shipping & Returns

Through our fast shipping process we most famous, as we provide become your printing boxes within a short time. Capital Packs Packaging when accepting your order completing your order process from printing to delivery step in a very short time. you can get custom wholesale printing boxes of different shapes, size, color, design, and quality. we sure you that we provide custom packaging boxes of best quality .our experts are very fast to work.that is why our shipping process is very fast. Before giving your order you can get information about our website .if you agree with us then you can give the order for your boxes .we sure you that we do not give any complaint to you about your boxes please trust us.

Customer Submitted Artwork

We tell you that we will accept all types of artwork .we design your printing boxes as you want if your design will not be on printing requirement then we are not responsible of your printing boxes .our aim is that we provide best design boxes so that you earn a good name in the market .therefore you make your choice best.

Proofing & Matching

We want to take proof of your order before printing .we sent proof to your order and detail of your design to you. So that you agree we want that you are aware of design of custom boxes ,and its details .client will be responsible to review all details and design .if your design is print on the boxes then design will not b changed .therefore you know about your design before printing .after printing we will not be responsible of any error in your design this time you will be responsible of error in your design.however if you find any error in proof which we sent to you then immediately tell us about error in design .we sure you that our designer will remove this error immediately.

For making beautiful printing boxes for your product we will not be responsible of color and ink density on-screen proof. Screen proof product design, size image, placement .but we try to match the ink density and color.if you get the color and ink density as you want then this thing changes the design of your boxes and gave common look.

CopyRights & TradeMarks

Under copyright and trademark law, a work is viewed as unique if the creator made it from autonomous considering void duplication. This kind of work is known as the Original Work of Authorship (OWA). Anybody with a unique work of origin naturally has the copyright to that work, forestalling any other person from utilizing or imitating it. The copyright can be enlisted deliberately by the first proprietor in the event that the person in question might want to get an advantage in the lawful framework if the need emerges. By putting in a request on this Site, you warrant that you have all essential consent, right, and power to put in the request and you approve to create the Products for your benefit.

Order Cancellation/Returns & Refunds

The client can drop his order however that can apply in some condition are bellow:

1. you can cancel your order before printing .if your order is print .then we are not responsible, then you cannot cancel your order.
2. if you to cancel your order before printing then charges will be applied plus 5% of the total amount to cover bank charges and digital processing.
3.if your order is not prepared at the time then the company will get charged you 50% of the total amount.
4. if you found any error in printing size , spelling on their design then we will reprint the order.NOT Refund.
5. when you get your order and after passing three days or after delivery , your claimis not accepted about your order.
6. we will take shipping charges in every condition .though those orders that are returned for and think.No Refund.
7. You will be concurred for delays in transportation because of terrible climate, shipping organization issues and custom issues and other's.
8. At delivery stage client needs to get delivery of full tracking items that are referenced with no harmed and missing.